Ръчни инструменти топтул

As some of the most reliable aerospace tools manufacturers out there, Snap-on and Stahlwille have been trusted for the last 70 years as they are primarily used in the service bases at the airports.

Инструменти от ТОПТУЛ

Alongside them, other brands have been circling around on the avionics market for quite a while now, such as the Taiwan hand tools manufacturer TOPTUL.

ROTAR Machinery Industrial Co., LTD (ROTAR GROUP) is a group of hand tools producers famous for the precision and innovative design of their product line.

TOPTUL and ROTAR GROUP’S engineers have managed to
achieve an extraordinary quality helping the company reach top positions on the market as it has been picked to serve the airplane maintenance.
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TOPTUL’S products are certified under the international
quality standards

Ръчни инструменти от TOPTUL


TOPTUL’S product line has been given many certificates for quality standards among which are the following: Germany TÜV Rheinland, ISO-9001:2008 as well as the Taiwan Certificate of Excellence.

Keep in mind that such certificates get expired too and are not valid for a lifetime. Those companies which receive them have to keep up with the standards as well, otherwise their certificates are very likely to be taken away too.

Not to mention that TOPTUL & ROTAR GROUP have kept the top positions for many years just like many other hand tools manufacturers who have been given the same certificates as well.

TOPTUL’S product line in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian-based company instrumenti.org has managed to sell a few hand tool sets for airplane maintenance to a local airline since such hand tools of high-quality are necessary for the maintenance of their machines.

Therefore, few are the companies offering hand tools which feature high precision that can meet their requirements.

What airplanes does Toptul repair in Bulgaria

Ръчни инструменти от производителя ТОПТУЛ

The Bulgarian Air Charter uses 10 units of Boeing McDonell Douglas 82 and a few ones of Airbus A320 which need to be continuously maintained. Thus these hand tools have been put to the ultimate test for resistance for about five years now.

What's the goal of the TOPTUL company?

The founder of the brand, Mr. Chiao Wei is aiming to create one of the most valuable brands in this industry, on the global market and he’s certainly doing it quite good.

Тhe company is striving towards achieving higher and higher quality of its products and improving their cost price for the customers's sake.

Today TOPTUL is still expanding internationally and since the quality standards are high, it’s no surprise that TOPTUL is one of the most preferred companies among the reliable ones in the global automotive and industrial equipment.